Freelancers Not Free in China

When I told my parents and friends that I wanted to be a freelance writer after graduating from university, almost none of them were supportive. There are two types of freelancers in my eyes: those who are forced into freelancing because they are having trouble finding a job, and those who are talented in certain field and enjoy the freedom of working for oneself. I … Continue reading Freelancers Not Free in China

Making Allowance for Wealth

I read an article in a local newspaper the other day that said a 10-year-old pupil in Shanghai had saved more 200,000 yuan ($30,000) in her bank account. What’s more, a couple of her class-mates got allowances from their parents that were in the tens of thousands of yuan. Maybe her parents are rich enough to give her anything she wants, or maybe they are … Continue reading Making Allowance for Wealth

No Longer a Slave to Group Purchasing

Here I am, calling myself a slave to group purchasing. You know, the phenomenon in which the online shopping masses pool their purchasing power to get special deals from one company or another. But actually, I haven’t bought anything from these websites for more than two and a half months after realizing how much money I have wasted on them. My online shopping addiction didn’t … Continue reading No Longer a Slave to Group Purchasing