A wedding for the parents

Weddings are highly valued in the traditional Chinese mind-set. However, they also put lots of pressure on children, especially those of us who were born in the 1980s. More and more people from this generation are seeking greater independence when it comes to planning their weddings. As a member of that generation, I can say... Continue Reading →

Life Without Cell Phones

My roommate and I threw a housewarming party last weekend. It’s probably one of the weirdest parties that people have ever attended because we asked everybody at the party to shut up for an hour. The purpose was to make people realize that other than speaking with our month, we can also communicate with eye... Continue Reading →

The more national, the more international

One of my American friends took me to an instrument store in Xujiahui (downtown Shanghai) a few days ago and I was amazed by the Guzheng (a 21 -stringed plucked traditional Chinese instrument) they sell in the store. The Guzheng I have seen is made from wood but they are selling the electronic ones with... Continue Reading →

News assistants in China: an invisible, important group

By a CPJ Guest Blogger Among the first concerns a journalist may have on coming to China as a foreign correspondent is how to communicate with the Chinese people, the majority of whom do not speak a word of English. Finding a "news assistant" is usually the answer. I worked as a news assistant for... Continue Reading →

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