Remold the image of Shanghainese’s mother-in-law

Marriage has always been a popular topic in China. That’s why numerous dating shows are coming up without a sign of slowing down. Among all of these shows, “mother-in-law meeting son-in-law” seems different as it boasts distinctive Shanghainese characteristic. In this show, there are ten mothers-in-law standing behind the platforms and five young men come... Continue Reading →

Marrying for love or house?

The Supreme People's Court recently has issued new marriage law that states the priority principle of personal property. The house purchased before marriage is labeled as personal property, which changes the traditional concept of marriage in China. Based on Chinese tradition, a house stands for stability. Most girls wouldn't marry a guy if he couldn't... Continue Reading →

Sports and education should be combined

Zhang Shangwu, a champion gymnast who was forced to turn to begging after injury ended his career prematurely has become a media sensation recently. His case throws the spotlight on the plight of top athletes in China, who are taken from their homes as young as four to be trained in special sports schools, then... Continue Reading →

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