Life Without Cell Phones

My roommate and I threw a housewarming party last weekend. It’s probably one of the weirdest parties that people have ever attended because we asked everybody at the party to shut up for an hour.

The purpose was to make people realize that other than speaking with our month, we can also communicate with eye contacts, body language or any creative way we can think about. However, after ten minutes, everybody just picked out their cell phones and texted each other.

They actually texted each other when they were in the same room and laughed at the phone screen.

I couldn’t help wondering what if they don’t have cell phones like older generation. Can we live without cell phones nowadays?

I left my cell phone at home when I rushed to work two weeks ago. At first I was so panicked as all my contacts are on my phone and I was worried I might miss important calls and texts. But after a while, I realized I could better concentrated on my work without the distraction or disturbing from my cell phone though I somehow heard it vibrating somewhere near me.

Given it another thought, I spend at least 12 hours a day being completely connected via either my cell phone or my computer. There is email, micro blog, all kinds of SNS, MSN, QQ, my roommate, my Mum, etc. I constantly get interrupted by the high technology products and I feel like I am a salve to it. The only time I can be by myself and with my own thought is when I am running errands or traveling from one distraction to the next. It’s absolutely not when I am having my cell phone with me.

That day without cell phone seemed very peaceful. I finally had eight hours when no one could get hold of me and I could think again without being interrupted. As a result, I left my phone at home “intentionally” last Friday and I remembered I had that relived smile on my face when I thought of what I did.

Many people must have the same feelings: whenever you go on a relaxing vacation where there is no cell phone service or internet, you feel like you lose the connection with the world and it’s almost unbearable. I would totally feel the same if I hadn’t experienced the days without cell phone. But the truth is after the withdrawal from the digital world, life feels great. There is no phone or distraction that stops me from what I am doing and shifts my focus.

When I was waiting in line at the supermarket last Friday, I didn’t bury myself into surfing on the internet via my cell phone as I usually do, instead, I was interacted with my surrounding environment and I suddenly became aware of everything around me. That feeling was amazing.

Thus, I decide to set aside one day a week to get rid of my cell phone from now on.

At first I felt this idea was a little outlandish. But think about it this way: before cell phones came into the picture, people did just fine!

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate our cell phones and the amount of time we spent with them. Quality time spent with family and friends can be highly enjoyable. Making spontaneous conversation with a stranger in the right place might make our day. Getting to know our neighbors and colleagues might form unbreakable bonds and lasting relationships. There are so many things to do besides playing cells phone 12 hours a day.

I know it is still impossible to live without my cell phone every day but I look forward to my one peaceful day of the week. I do this in order to become a more focused, action-oriented person. I can also better enjoy my life without the cell phone.

Why don’t you join me and feel the difference in your life?

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