Three Men Under One Roof

For over 15 years, Tan Zhiliang’s parents refused to let his family spend the country’s most important holiday — Spring Festival, or the Chinese New Year — with them. Old and conservative, Tan’s parents wouldn’t accept their son’s family. Since 2001, Tan, now 46, has been living with his partner, Chen Dezhou, 42, and Chen’s... Continue Reading →

Netizens Upset over Chinese Harvard Girl News Story

The news that an ordinary Chinese high school girl from Hangzhou was accepted by Harvard University created a stir amongst Chinese netizens on Sina Weibo this week. Thousands of Weibo users criticized the Chinese media for hiding information from the public when it turned out that the girl is actually a US citizen from a... Continue Reading →

Occupational discrimination on choosing spouses

I was having dinner with a high school classmate who was in Shanghai for holiday. His family immigrated to the US four years ago to fulfill his father’s American dream. As I know his father was a respectful professor in Shanghai, I was shocked to hear that he is now working as a truck driver... Continue Reading →

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